Wearing a turban is not only a fashion statement. It comes in very handy in many situations, for example on the beach or if your hair is oily and you have no time to wash it. 
This is a tutorial for a turban I like to wear, it's not a traditional turban by any means, just the way I like to make it which is very simple and fast.
You'll need one square scarf, the print and material doesn't matter, only shape of the scarf is important. Also, you need couple of bobby pins to hold the turban in place. Once you pin it it won't move until you take it of. Before you start making a turban, tie your hair in high bun on top of your head. This will give it a nicer shape, if you have short hair it doesn't matter, it will still look good, only the shape will be a bit different. When you are done with all of that follow these steps

1) Fold the scarf into triangle. This is why you need a square scarf, once you get  better at this you can use rectangular scarf as well.

2) Place the scarf on your head with triangle pointing up, while you hold the ends in both hands.

3) Tie two ends on top of your head in front of the bun (if you don't have a bun just tie them where you think it looks good). Don't tie the ends twice, once is just enough for this step.

4) Pull the ends down.

5) Once they are down tie the ends again, this time firmly, I recommend tying them twice now.

6) Fix any part that looks weird, tuck the sticking ends under the turban, you can tuck any part that is sticking under some part of the turban.

7) Use bobby pins to secure everything. It's the best to place them behind your ears so they won't be that noticeable. 
And that's it, this way you can make a perfect turban every time. Good luck with making your own!

If you have any questions about this tutorial, feel free to leave them in the comments!