Before I tried Beauty elixir I didn't understand all the hype that was surrounding it. Almost every beauty blog (and some fashion blogs) I visited had posts about it. I thought it's just one of those products that look good in post pictures, hauls and favourite posts. 
Bare in mind that this was all before I tried any product from CaudaliĆ©: If I had I would probably think differently. 
As a big thermal waters fan I thought Beauty elixir would be like some kind of thermal water and I was, again, completely wrong. 
Product comes in a glass bottle with spray dispenser. It looks very elegant (hence all the photos people take of it). It's easy to use it, although it may be a little heavy for traveling. 
I use it both in the morning and before I go to bed. Sometimes I spray it over my makeup to make it look fresh and natural. 
When you spray it on the face it's cooling and refreshing. The smell is quite strong, I can see it may be overwhelming for some people. I don't mind strong scents so it's fine by me. It takes couple seconds until the skin soaks it up and is ready for the moisturizer.
I can really see the difference in my skin since I've started using it. My complexion looks healthier and more radiant. Also, I don't have a single dry patch when I'm using it so my foundation glides on perfectly! 
If your skin is very oily I dare to say you can use it instead of your day moisturizer (still use a real moisturizer at night). 
Sometimes I'll just spray Beauty elixir all over my face while I'm studying, reading or working on my computer to freshen up.
If you want to try it, you can first get a smaller bottle, that's what I did. if you like it you can always get a bigger bottle later.