Doing your makeup when you are running late is one of the trickiest beauty situations. You don't want to be late, still you do want to do a decent job especially if you have a long day ahead of you. 
Good solution is lake always super simple, in this case creamy eye shadows. No primer, no brushes, no heavy blending. Just fingers and a pot of your favourite shadow. 
There are a lot of shadows on the market that are very good, Maybelline Color Tattoo shadows are definitely among them. 
Packaging is your usual creamy eyeshadow packaging, glass pot with plastic lid. Like every creamy product it will get dry eventually after you first open it, although I have to say these shadows are not drying that fast. If you use them often you'll use them up before they turn hard. 
Texture varies from shade to shade, matte shades tend to be less creamy and dry, glittery ones are very creamy and blendable. In both cases you can apply them easy. 
What I like to do is to apply one layer first, let it dry while I'm doing the rest of my makeup and then apply another layer. This way colour will be more intense and last longer. 
Even when you don't use a primer shadows will stay on until you take them off. They might smudge a bit in humid of very hot environment, you'll avoid this if you use a primer, but bare in mind it can be a bit harder to apply them over the primer. 
Two shades I like the most are 40 Permanent Taupe and 70 Metallic Pomegranate
First one is matte neutral shade, perfect for day looks. Every time I wear it I get a lot of compliments, one of my friends went to buy it the moment she saw me wearing it, that's how much she liked it. 
Other shade is browny deep red with gold sparkles. You can wear it for both day and night looks. It smudges faster than matte shades, but it won't smudge too much. 
All of Color Tattoo shades can be used as eyeshadow base as well, instead of primer or with a primer if you want your makeup to stay on super long. 

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