Nail sticker didn't get my attention for the longest while. I would see them from time to time, but never buy or try them, for some reason I thought they are too complicated to use. 
Finally, I gave in and tried these from L'Oreal. They are called Color riche Le nail art. You can choose from 16 patterns, from over the top snake pattern to plain red and gold. 
I picked up two different patterns 010-Gold lingerie and 015-Oh my diams
I think you can't really test a product without trying at least two shades, texture usually varies between shades.
At first glance I thought you get 20 stickers in one packaging, so you can do your nails twice. 
Instead, you get nineteen in different sizes so they will fit any nail shape. The biggest size was too big for my thumbs and the rest I matched to the nails the best I could. Important thing is that you can find the right size for every nail. Except if you have really narrow nails, but you can still cut them to fit. In the instruction it says you should apply stickers to dry nails without nail polish This is crucial, or they will not stay on long. 
So, match the size to the nail, cut it if needed and gently apply to the nail. Stickers are pretty long so you may need to cut them after you apply them. Use the file to make the perfect nail edge. I thought it will take less time to apply them than I need for painting my nails, actually it takes almost the same time, only you won't need to wait for the nails to dry. 
Once they are on the nails stickers look very nice. I got a lot of compliments while wearing them. They feel a little weird on the nails at first until you get used to it, like the mixture of plastic and nail polish. On the packaging it says they can stay long up to 10 days. The maximum wear I got out of them was seven weeks. In my experience it's better to leave a sticker smaller,  then bigger, if you leave it too big air and water will get under the sticker and it will peel of easier. 
Patterns I tried are both simple, still effective. 010-Gold lingerie is more elegant and festive, it's a good choice for New Year's eve. It's pretty thin so it didn't last for long on my nails, it started peeling of after four days. I didn't mind that, the stickers looked so good while they were on.
015-Oh my diams is simple black with silver polka dots. These stickers are thicker and stayed on my nails for a week. I liked this pattern as well.
Overall I liked this stickers, they are the best for special occasions, I wouldn't wear them everyday, they feel a little weird while I'm washing my hair or doing the dishes.