Merry Christmas to all of you who celebrate today! Here's a recipe for perfect drink to lift your Holiday spirit! If you are bored of eggnog, tea and mulled wine, this is a great replacement. 
I used vanilla soy milk, but you can use regular milk, just add a bit of vanilla sugar. Most of the time I use regular milk for this recipe. Rest of the ingredients are:

-cinnamon (one stick or two tea spoons of powder)
-an orange (you'll use only the peel)
-small piece of ginger

Measure how much milk you'll need for your cup and pour it into a pot. To prevent milk from burning add a bit of water to the pot first, this is a nice trick to use whenever you are heating milk. 
Turn on the lowest temperature on your stove and let the milk heat. Put the cinnamon in then wash the orange (since you'll be using the peel), and using a knife remove couple of peels and add them to the milk. Add ginger, you can use as much ginger as you want, or skip this step if you don't like ginger. Leave the milk on the stove until it boils. Pay attention to it and stir from time to time or it will burn. 
When it cools a bit remove the cinnamon stick, orange peels and a piece of ginger. If you use powder cinnamon or ginger you'll only have to remove orange peels. Pour it into a cup and sprinkle a bit of cinnamon on top for decoration. 
If you want to take it to the next level, use half cup of milk and half cup of Pina colada, it tastes delicious both ways!