Lush is the home of many amazing products. When it comes to soaps it doesn't get any better than Lush. And besides soaps they have other great products worth raving about. 
For a long time soaps were the only thing I would buy from Lush. I don't know why, I guess I just got into a habit of going in, picking up my favourite soap at the moment, getting a chunk of it and moving on to do the rest of my shopping. Actually for some strange reason I adored the part where they cut the piece of the soap you picked up. 
Four years ago I've tried my first non-soap product, and it was the American cream conditioner. When you buy it in France it's called (Vive La) Rèvolution, it is the same conditioner. 
The moment I tried it I fell in love with this conditioner. First of all, it smells divine! I can't possibly describe how good it smells. The scent stays on my hair forever, until I wash it again. 
Conditioner is very light so it won't give you that feeling you have when you are using conditioners that are full of silicone, but it will feed your hair and make it silky and smooth. 
My hair is pretty needy so I do have to use another conditioner besides this one, that's not a big deal because I always double condition. 
If you have thin hair and are looking for a good, lightweight conditioner this one is a perfect choice. 
Also, if you wash your hair a lot and need a gentle conditioner for everyday use it is the right one for the job. However, if you like thick, silicone packed conditioners American cream may not be for you. 
It's more on the light side, still it does work wonders for the hair, you just have to be patient and not expect results from the first wash.