Smoothies are my latest obsession and in order to make a good smoothie one must always be ready to try new things. Since I started drinking them on daily basis I've noticed you run out of smoothie recipe ideas pretty fast. That's when you start searching for new ones and you discover all sorts of things that can go in your smoothie. Coconut water is one of them. 
I've heard of coconut water before but I never gave it much thought. It was always in back of my mind, in a folder called ''maybe it's the same thing as coconut milk, I'm not really sure''. After a quick research (that included googling ''coconut water vs coconut milk'') I found out it actually isn't the same thing. 
Coconut milk has much more calories and fats, therefore you shouldn't drink it that often.
 Coconut water is, on the other hand, cholesterol free, rich in potassium and electrolytes and very hydrating. The latest trend is to drink it after working out to rehydrate. And now to the most important hing-the taste. Taste is pretty odd, it tastes like pineapple juice without pineapple taste, if that makes any sense. To me it tastes a bit salty, although it is sweet just with a bit of saltines. 
I definitely couldn't drink it on it's own, and a good thing is I didn't buy it to drink it like that. 
Like I said main reason I decided to try it is because it was in so many smoothie recipes. And when you use it in your smoothie it tastes really nice, mixed with all the other ingredients. 
At the end I did like it, for smoothies and other drinks, it gives them an extra something and is very healthy and hydrating.