Kiko makeup is amazing. They have some really good products for affordable prices. I was introduced to the brand by my sister. When she was in Italy she bought some Kiko makeup that we both tried and loved. Since then I've been trying and loving different products from Kiko. Lipsticks are definitely my favourite. I loved every single one I've tried. 
When I get into one lipstick phase I usually wear that one lipstick for days. This time it happened to Kiko's Velvet Mat-Satin Lipstick in 613 Pink Carnation. 
The texture of this lipstick is appropriate for weather this time of year. It is creamy so it won't dry your lips but in the same time it is matte (like the name says) so it won't smudge from the wind and your hair that's flying around won't stick to it. 
Colour is very nice, natural pink that compliments any eye look and looks very faltering and natural. It's not your typical wintery colour (like red or burgundy) still it makes a perfect winter colour.