Before this one I was never the girl for leave in conditioners. Sure, I loved buying them and stocking them up in my beauty cupboard, but I've never actually used them. And the reason is pretty simple. I already use a lot of conditioner (on a thin line to become too much) in the shower, like I mentioned many times before. Usually after the shower I style my hair and spray heat protectant on it, so there's no place in my routine where I could squeeze another spray conditioner. 
Only when I wash my hair before bed I will remember to apply leave in conditioner. Continuing with this uneven ratio of always buying and never using them I always have at least two unused leave in conditioners in my cupboard. Last time I counted it was three including this one from Revlon. 
However, this one is a different story, I'm using it so fast that I'm afraid I'll run out soon. The main reason for that (except from it being an excellent product) is that it contains heat protectant so I spray it instead of my usual heat protectant and therefore never forget to use it.
After so many raving reviews about this product I had to try it. It's supposed to do ten things for your hair:
-repairs damaged hair
-gives shine and fights frizz
-protects from heat
-makes it silk and smooth
-protects the color with UVA&UVB filters
-helps with brushing and ironing
-makes your hair style last longer
-prevents split ends
-gives body
First of all, it smells amazing! Like no other leave in conditioner I used before. It's super easy to apply, you just spray it all over the hair. What makes it really unique is the texture of the product. Most of the time leave in conditioners in spray bottles are watery. This one is thick almost as a hair mask, but when you spray it on the hair it feels liquidy, magical. 
I even heard you should spray it on your hands first and then spread all over the hair, but I didn't try this method. Spraying works just fine for me, I spray it on damp hair before brushing. 
So what about effects? Amazing thing about this product is that it really does what it says on the bottle. 
I noticed improvement in all the hair departments that were mentioned, except from split ends prevention and added body. I never have split ends so that's why that didn't work and as for the volume, only there I didn't see much difference.
If you were thinking about trying this product, go for it, you won't be disappointed.