At the beginning of Autumn I became obsessed with colorful makeup looks and that's how my ''mixing bright colours'' makeup phase started. Before I would only wear one bright colour on my face, bright lips or bright eyes, never those two together. 
Somehow (inspired by number of makeup looks on Instagram) I started going brave with colours and wearing as much colour as possible. You may think (like some of my friends that are also obsessed with makeup thought) it's a Summer thing to use bright shades. Actually it turns out they look nice all year long. 
In that mood I decided to get some bright lipstick colours to use everyday. These from Rimmel are just right, they are bright enough still not too bright for every day. 
The two shades I got are 109 and 102. Texture of the lipsticks is nice, a little bit odd, it can look patchy sometimes although I think it only happens when my lips are dry. Besides that little flaw it's very creamy and glides over the lips perfectly. When you blot it with a tissue it's matte and will stay on the lips longer. If you don't blot it it will fade after a while, you can touch it up though, it won't look weird after touching up. Colours are nice and wearable they add a bit of colour to makeup looks but are not too overwhelming. Shade 109 is matte orange that goes great with blue eyeshadow looks. 
Other shade  I tried is 102, it's light gentle pink, similar to MAC's Pleas me, just creamier. This shade looks great with smokey eye and with yellow or purple eyeshadow. Of course, you can wear both shades with any colour of eyeshadow you want, I like wearing it with these colours. 
Overall I liked these lipsticks a lot, they are great to wear in cold weather because the texture is creamy enough so it won't dry your lips. 
They may not stay on your lips supper long which is not that bad, you can always reapply it from time to time and it will look perfect.