A true kind of Holiday pampering is taking long baths while listening to your favourite tunes and drinking tea then going to bed. At least it's my favourite Holiday beauty routine.
 I love all kinds of bath salts, they make me fell like my bath is special. While bubble bath may be more on a real bath side, and bath fizzies bath is more fun, heaving a bath with bath salts is the most relaxing and indulging. 
Since I've heard about Roques O'Neil Himalayan bath salts I wanted to try them. People wrote wonderful reviews about them and everyone who tried them fell in love with these salts.
And these are not your ordinary bath salts. They are supposed to help you relax, fight stress, balance your energy and even to fight insomnia. Also, they help your body to deal with negative effects of using electrical devices all the time, so it's recommended to not touch any of those (including your phone and your lap top) after you take a bath. 
When I first got my salts and opened the elegant glass jar and smelled them I felt more relaxed (placebo or not, it was relaxing). 
Same night I took a bath the way it says in the instructions. You fill the tub with water, add salts and soak for about 30 minutes. After the bath you shouldn't rinse off, leaving the salts on your body helps the effect. Afterwards you should relax for about 30 more minutes and go to bed. I followed all the steps. 
My bath was quite relaxing, but I find all of the baths relaxing. Real effect came later, when I went to bed. When I got out of the tub I was already very relaxed and careless and when I laid down the salts knocked me down like nothing else.
 I never tried any sleeping pills or relaxing medications so I can't compare the effect, but I can say for sure these salts help you sleep like a baby. In the morning I was well rested and feeling like I normally do when I get enough of sleep. 
Maybe using the salts for a longer while helps you fight stress and make you more relaxed on long terms, I didn't use them for a long period of time so I can't tell.
 I will do an updated review when I get the bigger picture.
Now I look forward to every bath with Himalayan bath salts and will definitely repurchase when I run out. 
If you are pregnant, you shouldn't use them, they are not recommended for use during pregnancy.