Holidays are just around the corner and if you still don't have a gift for a special girl in your life, keep reading, I shared the gifts I think every girl would like to get. 

Christmassy pyjamas I know,  it's not very original or unexpected, but a nice pair of pyjamas is a actually a very nice and thoughtful gift. If you know someone who loves pyjama's they will for sure be happy to have a new pair in their collection and everyone loves lounging around in their PJ's a day or two (in my case a week) after the holidays. And christmassy pyjamas really get you in the holiday mood, it feels great wearing them and watching Christmas movies and drinking hot chocolate. These in the picture are from Women'secret.

Lingerie For someone who's more a lingerie type than pyjama bottoms type. Well, who are we kidding, we are all the mixture of both. There's always a question to buy or not to buy lingerie as a gift. I recently read a funny article about the subject, I recommend reading it, here's the link. My opinion is similar to the one in the article, I think it can be a perfect gift for a friend or girlfriend. But you have to follow couple of rules: 
1) Know her size! This is crucial, you don't want to offend someone or hurt their feelings, especially during the holidays, especially if you wanted to make them happy in the first place. I recommend checking the size of lingerie piece she already owns and buying the gift from the same brand (sizes vary among the brands). 
If that's a bit to Nancy Drew or invasion or invasion of privacy for you buy something where size doesn't matter (pun not intended) like a nice slip or lacy robe. With pieces like that you can afford to go size up or down and they will still fit.
2) Nothing too sexy! Peep hole panties and a leather corset may sound like a good (and funny) gift idea, but is quite the opposite. If you are giving a gift to your friend you don't want to give her something you can imagine her having sex in, it's just wrong. And if you are guy and giving a gift to your girlfriend, think about it, you definitely don't want to give her lingerie she can only have sex in. She may think it's more of a gift for you  and that you are being selfish. So, make sure the piece of lingerie you are getting is wearable and tasteful. The slip above is from Mariemeili.

A nice scarf Again, it may seem boring to give someone a scarf and in every Christmas movie it's presented as a worst of all the gifts. I think differently, I love when I get a gift that's useful and season appropriate. Sure, those leather flats are expensive and elegant, but you have to wait until Spring to wear them! On the other hand, you can wear your scarf right away, it's warm, it's cozy and minimalistic scarfs are all over the place so you can't pick the wrong colour or pattern. Just go with plain white or black, like this one above, it's from Zara.

Wintry slippers Another cozy and useful gift. Pay attention to the size, or go a size up, it doesn't matter that much when it comes to slippers. These are from New look.

A beauty gift I would skip buying makeup unless you know exactly what she wants. If you pick the colour of a lipstick or an eyeshadow pallet you may think someone will like, they probably won't. There is so many options out there which makes it easy to make a wrong choice. And if your girl is a makeup addict and you buy her a popular product everyone is raving about chances she already has it. So, skip makeup and focus on universal beauty gifts like hand creams or lip balms. I'm not saying to buy a hand cream as a gift, find a nice christmassy set, they are all over the place, like this one from Oriflame. It's their Tender care Gift box, my Mum got it for me and I love it! Tender care balms are amazing, I use them all the time and to get a set of four is really a treat! In the catalog it's way cheaper then on the website, so don't mind the price if you check out the link I added.

A pampering gift And the holy grail of all the gifts, something for pampering. It's usually a product you don't buy for yourself because you think it's too extravagant. We come to the ultimate gift, it's not something you need, but something you want. So what kind of pampering gift are we talking about? SPA vouchers are not a good idea, they usually stay unused. Scheduling an appointment, then rescheduling, going, can be too much work. Not to mention you don't have a feeling of receiving a gift when you get a cardboard card. Home pampering products are the best option. Like these amazing Therapie Himalayan Detox salts from Roques O'Neil. I feel in love with them, I will write a review soon.

There you have it, an ultimate gift guide. If you were thinking more about home made gifts, check out my DIY gift idea post here.