Mixing and matching hats is what I like the most about winter style. It's fun and stylish, and most importantly it's warm. Here are the types of hats you need so you can complete any winter outfit.

Fur hat The hat that looks the best of all the winter hats and will make any winter outfit look more elegant and stylish. It's supper warm, and most importantly won't ruin your hair style, most of them are pretty wide so your locks will be safe.

Winter beret Somewhere between elegant and casual, winter beret is the perfect hat for every winter occasion. It looks the best with a matching scarf. Only thing you have to look after is the tight brim, it can leave marks on your forehead so it's the best to check the brim before you buy the hat.

Knit turban Winter version of a turban. It's elegant and interesting and it usually doesn't cover the forehead which means no marks or smudged foundation.

Simple chunky knit hat Hat for casual outfits and lazy days, it can be matched with any jacket and coat and  the result will look amazing!

Beanie This type of hat is getting more and more popular, it seems like everyone is wearing it. I like the cable knit beanie the most, it just looks the prettiest and the coziest.

Knit headband When it's still not too cold but you want to wear a wintry type of hat, knit headband is the perfect solution. 

Fedora Second most elegant winter hat, after the fur hat, it's the best option for snowy weather. It will keep the snow from your face and make you look classy and elegant.

Ear warmers I wear them only in very casual situations, when my hair is up and it's really cold. They may not look so nice, but are warm and will keep your ears from freezing.