That amazing feeling when you find a piece of clothing, you forgot you had, just lying in the depths of the closet. Usually it happens during spring cleaning or closet organizing, but in between really nice clothes may stay hidden and unworn. 
There is a solution, it's as fun as shopping and won't cost you a penny. It will help you come up with new outfits and save you some cash which is important during the crazy holiday shopping time. 
I seriously consider doing this every time before I go shopping to make myself aware of how much clothes I have and don't wear.
All you need is a bunch of fashion magazines, and they don't even have to be the latest issues. And your closet of course. 
Now, make yourself a nice cup of coffee, gather all the magazines, turn on your favourite tune and get a pen ready. 
Flick through the pages and look at the outfits until you find the one you can recreate using the clothes you already have. Trust me, once you are focused this process will go smoothly and you will remember the clothes that is long forgotten. 
In just one try I found four outfits I can recreate using the clothes I don't wear! This is not only useful and money saving, it's actually very fun! I had a blast searching through old magazines and searching through my closet. 
Give it a go and let me know what you think. Weekend is coming so this is a nice non-christmassy activity to do if you are tired of pre Christmas hype (I'm not, but I know some people are).