One of many great things about autumn is H&M's annual designer collaboration. Although the hype is alive many months before it is actually in stores, the moment it hit shelves (or racks) is the best part. I love their designer collections, mainly because they really do show the spirit of the designer at its best. My theory is that  with these collections the year of bright and vivid designs must follow with a plainer cuts and a calmer aesthetic. So far it proved to be right. Last year's Kenzo collaboration offered bolder prints and cuts that will fit well in Manga cartoons, and this year we have an arcadic idea of the English countryside, the setting of Erdem's own childhood. He himself said he found inspiration in the coat his mom wore over dresses, his sister's oversized sweaters and other items people around him wore. 

 As soon as I saw the whole collection online, I knew I wanted to get either a really fliry, floral dress or this amazing gray suit. At the end I opted for the suit, I think it looks simply amazing. Next years are bound to be the era of the suits, we saw the beginning of this comeback on runways where a lot of designers showed a silhouette that resembles the 80s suit, of course less bulky. I like this a lot, all those tight suits from the 2000's are not my cup of tea, while a nice cut on the verge of androgynous offers a refreshing change. So if you enjoy suiting up, the time is now. Just make sure to have fun, a suit doesn't have to mean business dress code or job interview black and navy suits. If you are looking for a suit alternative check out this cute women dresscoat.

Erdem for H&M suit
Marie Meili corset
Stradivarius shoes
Vintage Gucci bag
Asos earrings
Vintage and Ti Sento rings