The rule of the thumb is to leave the bronzers alone as soon as the temperature is cold enough for coats. Or even before, if the autumn is especially warm. Somehow bronzy look doesn't seem so appealing after the summer. Especially now when there's so many other contouring products out there, that you don't even need to contour with a bronzer. Which means no more orangy hued harsh contours. Or at least we will be seeing less of them. The fact that bronzers are no longer reserved for contouring leaves them serving their first purpose, giving you that sun touched glow. So naturally with the end of summer you won't want to have that glow, right? Wrong, subtle bronzer can transfer well into all seasons. What I recently discovered is that there are bronzers that can double as highlighters. You heard it right. Those type of bronzers can be used for many purposes and my favourite is to apply them in the area I normally apply my blush. I know it sounds crazy, but when I do this I get the perfect bronzy makeup with just one product.

Since the summer I've been obsessed with these Llums bronzers. I didn't think much of them until all the girls who worked in the drugstore where I bought them started talking about how amazing these brozers were. Also, some of the beauty bloggers claimed the same so I decided to test them. And let me tell you, I was very surprised, the lighter shade I got 02 Amber can easily be a dupe for MAC's Soft&Gentle. Now that's a bronzer you need (and a highlighting shade I was talking about earlier). The other shade I got is 01 Summertime which is your typical bronzer, but a bit lighter. It applies very well and won't leave orangy stains on your face. I think you can pull it off all year long, just make sure to use a light hand which is always a good idea when it comes to bronzers. And there you have it, keep it light and use more highlighting shades than dark bronzy ones and you can easily transfer this summer's bronze into the autumn bronze.

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