The search for the perfect eyeliner and mascara never ends. If you wear them daily then you know all the things they have to go through to be approved for everyday wear. First of all you'll need an eyeliner that gives you that perfect flick. Even the expression on flick came from impeccably applied eyeliner (probably, I just made it up): The flick of your liquid liner needs to look like it can cut through glass. So basically as sharp as it gets. Next, liquid eyeliner can't crack. If I find one thing about makeup annoying, that's cracked eyeliner. And maybe caky foundation, but that's a whole other story. When I see the eyeliner is cracking, no way I'll keep it, no matter how good it preforms in other areas. That's why I didn't like Essence eyeliner, although I still think it's quite good, the cracking was pretty severe. Third thing is smudging. Don't you just love when you see your reflection in the mirror in the middle of the day and see eyeliner smudged in the outer corner of your eyes (or inner, it depends on your tear ducts)? 😂 Of course not, because you are not crazy and are probably too busy to wipe those smudges all day long.

Long have I lived my life by those rules and found an eyeliner that was all of those three things, gives the perfect flick, doesn't crack, doesn't smudge. And although I did find a pencil liner that's approved for contact lens wearers, I never actually admitted to myself I should do the same with liquid eyeliner and mascara. Fast forward to last year when I noticed my eyes are getting too red with no reason. I canceled out all the reasons why that might be happening and I finally had to confront the fact that my trusty eye combo was causing it. First of all, you should never wear eye pencil on your waterline when you wear contacts. I did know this, but was ignoring it for years. It's simply because the pencil residue sticks to the contacts so you can never properly clean them (no matter how many times the pencil was tested for contacts). Also, it can block your tear ducts, and blocked tear ducts plus contacts and harsh weather equals a recipe for disaster. Or at least equals dry, irritated and red eyes. So first time after many, many years I ditched my signature black pencil on the waterline look. It did help my eyes, they were less red and dry. The next step was switching my liquid eyeliner and mascara. 

I simply knew I couldn't quit my liquid eyeliner and mascara so I started looking for the ones that are suitable for wearing with contacts. And let me tell you, it was quite a task. At the beginning of the post I mentioned what I expect from my eyeliner. Add the fact that it has to be tested for contact lenses and there you have it, mission (almost) impossible. Like we all do, I first started researching online. What I found out is that there are so many people offering their own favourite eye makeup products to wear with contacts, but in fact a small number of them are actually tested for contact lens wearers. Those were just personal preferences. Next thing I did was to try to find the other kind and I managed. I discovered that Dr. Hauschka products are safe for contacts so I decided to try them. From the beginning I wanted to get both the eyeliner and mascara from a same brand, the last thing I needed was two products from different brands with completely different ingredients. 

So I got the Defining Mascara and Liquid Eyeliner, both in black. You can also get their volume mascara, but it was sold out when I got mine. This one is amazing, in fact it exceeded all of my expectations. It applies effortlessly and gives me gorgeous eyelashes. As far as eyeliner goes, it's pretty good as well, but a bit more matte and dry then I would like. It looks nice, I'm just used to a shinny line. I'm still figuring out the way to apply it flawlessly, the brush is also thinner than I expected, but I'm getting there! My eyeliner line is looking prettier every day. 
Most importantly, these products didn't irritate my eyes and my problem with red eyes is almost completely gone (regular sleep and less staring at screens might be a good idea 😃). I'm certain that these products will be good even for those of you who have very sensitive eyes and for contact lens wearers for sure.
If you have some other good options for eyeliners and mascaras for contacts I'm open for suggestions! 😊