Just when I got into my drafts to find a post I wanted to publish today, I realized this post went unpublished. I guess I thought finished it as soon as I took the photos, which was obviously a false memory. 😂 So I had the photos ready and didn't want to waste them, it's a pretty outfit (and a blouse after all). Now, I see how it doesn't really go with my autumn posts, it's more a end of the summer kind of outfit, still I feel like it's not to summery. I got this blouse on one of my favourite annual sales, the Shopbop sale. They always have pretty items you won't normally find on other websites. Also, the brand of the blouse is Moon River and I like this brand a lot, their fabrics are amazing. I think they are named after the song from Breakfast at Tiffany's (yes, the one that Audrey aka Holy sings on the fire escape), but who knows these days.

Double ruffles may not be for everyone, I'm sure people who love minimalism don't like them, but that doesn't mean they have to look tacky. If one pair of the ruffles is on the sleeves you will hardly notice it. For the whole summer I was looking for the perfect boho blouse, I guess I thought that when a lot of fashion editors named it as their favourite summer piece of clothing it meant they must be right. As per usual I didn't find the one I like until the end of summer, at the Shopbop sale I mentioned before. Moon River is kinda a specific brand, most of their pieces are boho inspired, so if you are a boho lover check them out. Now I'm waiting for warmer days to wear this one out, I think I only wore it twice since I got it.

Moon River blouse
Mango jeans
Saint Laurent sunglasses
Mango bag
Metro shoes
Ti Sento ring
Skagen watch

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