If you survived an era of low waisted jeans you know what a real struggle is. No matter how pretty they are (where they actually pretty?), you can never make them comfortable. Or flattering, why on Earth would someone want to wear super low waisted jeans, when you can't even properly move or sit in them. This is probably a rhetorical question, because there are so many trends that are impractical, but I particularly like to question this one considering that I'm a huge fan of high waisted jeans. I remember getting a pair at GAP before they were super popular and went to school in them looking like someone's mom. But, they felt so great that I didn't even care. I still have that pair today and although the denim did fade a bit I love them.

I don't know if you remember this, but just at the beginning of high waisted jeans craze this model appeared and almost everyone got them. The high waisted, gray, super skinny jeans. I got them six years ago (can't believe it's been that long) and I still wear them. I even thought they are not ''in style'' anymore, but I started noticing them in other people's outfits on Instagram, and you know, if it's on Instagram in must be popular. 😂
Just kidding, I love them for their old school vibe, this type of denim is not exactly retro, but there's something about it that makes it great for vintagy and retro inspired outfits. And those are my favourite outfits for autumn and winter. These sold out ages ago, but I found a pretty pair at Zaful, check them out below.

Asos jeans
Terranova shirt
Gamiss jacket
Alexander Wang bag
Asos espadrilles
Skagen watch
Ti Sento ring
Asos earrings


Photos by Ana (beautystuffbyana)  <3