On the top of the list of more shocking things I've recently found out is the fact that sugar causes wrinkles. Well I actually (kind of) knew this but I: a) refused to believe it and b) wasn't exactly sure how it happens. I didn't per se find this out, it's more that I just leaned about the mechanism itself. Luckily for me, I'm more into salty junk food than into sweets and candy, but one just has to be curious about how this happens. In a process called glycation sugar binds to the collagen and makes it stiff and tough. It then resists being broken down and replaced by fresh collagen. Yikes. On the bright side, glycation can be prevented by ingredients like vitamin C. This is just one of many benefits of vitamin C so it might be the time to start using a vitamin C serum, if you already don't. For about a year I've been using vitamin C serums, even though I just recently found out about glycation (through an Instagram account called chemist.confessions, check them out they are great). My two recommendations for vitamin C serums are Mad Hippie Vitamin C Serum and Serumpidity Vitamin C Facial Serum from Madre Labs. I'm planing to try The Ordinary serum with vitamin C as well (my post with goodies from this brand is coming soon as well).

While I was exploring all those serums one new vitamin C product hit the shelves. Vichy's LIFTACTIV Fresh shoot treatment. I'm a sucker for innovation and love trying out new products, so I was obviously super excited about this one. It contains 15% pure vitamin C along with other great ingredients like vitamin E and hyaluronic acid. The idea behind this serum is to use it as a short term treatment when you need to add the instant boost of glow and freshens to your skin. You are supposed to use it for ten days, although I did use it a bit longer, for the sake of testing of course. 😉 I have to say my skin is not sensitive at all, so if you have sensitive skin I'll advise you to stick to recommended ten days. As soon as you apply the serum you'll see the results. Skin is more glowy from day one. In the couple of days you might experience some dryness, but don't worry, it's only temporary. After I finished the treatment my skin looked gorgeous! Even now, a week later I can still see my skin is fresher and more radiant. I think this serum is excellent for those special occasions when you want your skin to look amazing. 

It's recommended to use it in the morning, which I did and it was super handy for me, I'm used to using my vitamin C products in the morning. You should use SPF 15 (or higher) after the treatment, like you should do with any treatment and serum with active ingredients. This 10 ml bottle will last you for about a month and you are supposed to use the whole bottle in 30 days after you open it. I'm not sure how this works, keep in mind that the treatment should last for 10 days. The best thing you can do is to apply it on the chest as well, at least until they come up with a 3 ml bottle. It's definitely not a bad idea to treat your skin with this serum once in a while, for the sake of preventing that glycation I mentioned before and to make your skin super glowy and radiant. Who doesn't love glowing skin? It's the new blowout.