Once upon a time the whole Internet was sharing a story about a woman who decided to create her own work uniform, aka wear the same shirt and a pair of pants everyday. Ok, maybe it wasn't once upon a time, more likely two or three years ago, still she made us all wonder if it is really easier to dress like that and not think about all the blouses, dresses and pants. Too many options is sometimes also a bad thing. The idea seemed appealing to me until I remembered I did this, although subconsciously, in high school. There was a time when I would wear a pair of jeans and a plain black or white blouse everyday. It wasn't hard for me to get used to this, I'm truly a creature of habits (a lovely trait I inherited from my Dad) and when I am comfortable with something it takes me a lot of effort to break the habit. One thing I remembered from my period of uniform dressing is how boring it was! The moment I recall that, I knew uniform thing is indeed not for me. Me of today who can recognize the reasons for why I'm doing certain things, not the teenage me who did things spontaneously.

On the other hand I get how creating your own uniform can be appealing. It saves time, it makes you feel organized and in control. Which all seem like good things to me. So what to do when you want to wear an uniform that's not boring? Here comes the option of a wrap dress. The item that actually represented one of the first uniforms for working women back in the 70s. Big thanks to Diane Von Furstenberg who ''invented'' it and created a garment that's both work wear and fun wear. I adore wrap dresses, they are always a great option when you want to look polished, but not like you tried to hard. This here is not a complete wrap dress, the bottom part is actually one solid piece, but the top has all the features of a perfect wrap dress. If you are thinking of creating a uniform of some sort, why not wear a different wrap dress everyday? It's more interesting than wearing a same thing over and over and simpler than deciding what to wear.

Metisu dress
Asos shoes
Mango bag
Asos earrings
Ray ban sunglasses
Vintage ring and bracelet