Winter used to be so much harder until I realized cropped sweaters existed. Or maybe they didn't even exist before the trend of cropped tops took over. As much as I love long chunky sweaters, you just can't wear them with everything. Skirts, for example. If you want to pair a long thick sweater with a skirt, you'll have to tuck it in and the silhouette you get will not be so nice, with the sweater showing underneath. Even when you become an expert of tucking in sweaters into pants and skirts (it's so much easier with pants) it still is a lot of work and you have to make sure everything looks neat every time. Luckily, there is a solution. You guessed it, cropped sweaters! I know i did end up tucking in this sweater into my skirt, but it still looks great even if you don't do that. Right now while I'm writing this I'm wearing this sweater loose with high waisted jeans and it also looks gorgeous. 

The thing with cropped sweaters is that even when you do tuck them in your skirts, it's so much easier than with longer sweaters. Think about it, there's just less material to ''hide''. Sweater is from H&M's Trend line and it's 34% mohair and 34% wool so it's super warm. That also means it won't start to form those annoying lumps which can happen with some synthetic sweaters. I didn't even realize this until recently, but in the past couple of years most of the sweaters I was getting were grayish or black. Now I have a closet full of them and they all kind of look the same (it doesn't mean I love them any less 😂). Which means that for me owning a sweater in colour is a big deal and I've really been enjoying wearing this one.
Skirt is also from H&M, but their Modern Classic line (read about it here). It actually reminds me of a skirt from this year's H&M Studio autumn/winter line, I wanted that one at first and now when I have this one I think it was faith, because I like it more than the Studio skirt.

H&M Trend sweater
H&M Modern Classic skirt
Asos beret
Calvin Klein shoes
Mango bag
Ti Sento rings
Asos earrings