Sequins and sparkles are not something you would wear everyday, but are normally something you would pick for New Year's eve. Styling them is also super easy, you just need to wear them with pieces that are not drawing the attention away from the sparkles. Items in solid colours are your best option, or you can do what Ana did here and pair them with pieces that are in the same colour as the sequins. Her dress is black with golden sparkles, quite a nice option for the festive season. Gold and silver sparkles are your basics, you can't go wrong with them. Same goes for gold and silver on their own. When I was little my sister and I had identical shoes, only mine were golden and hers silver. I used to think those were the prettiest colours you can wear. Funny thing is that Ana actually prefers gold jewelry and I prefer silver pieces and we ended up wearing these dresses spontaneously. Or maybe our subconscious did the choosing. 😂

Here we are wearing the two different looks, my dress is blingy and in your face sparkly (I'm not saying it as a bad thing), and hers is more toned down and simple. You can also pick in which way to go, my look is perfect for parties or formal events and Ana's for dinners or gatherings with friends and families. The dress I'm wearing has an 80s vibe to it, and we all know that was an era when sparkles thrived. This just shows that you can wear sparkles in many different ways and for many different occasions. New Year's eve is a night when you can get away with any fashion choice. Just make sure you are wearing something you feel good in and that you are having fun. For more formal look check my other New Year's lookbook for this year and make sure to go to Ana's blog and see her take on the looks we are wearing here.

I'm wearing:
Ljubica dress
Asos heels
Bastrd earrings

Ana's wearing:
Marina's design blazer
Tom Tailor dress
Kurt Geiger shoes