I decided last post in this year should be about skincare, lets start the year right and take care of our skin. Just kidding, this isn't that type of a blog, and even if it was I'd tell you to always take care of your skin, not only in January. 😂 It's just that today is Sunday and I publish beauty posts on Sundays and Wednesdays, so here it is, a beauty posts. I love reading most types of beauty posts, skincare routines included, I'm always curious to see which products other people use. Especially people with great skin. My night-time routine changed quite a bit since the last time I did a post about it. I feel that every time I get the routine down I think it will never change, but it always does. Sometimes I just like to try out new products and sometimes my skin needs are different. So here's my routine right now.


I'm still going ''old school'' with makeup removing and I use micellar water to remove makeup from my face and two phase eye makeup remover (that ancient kind with oil and non oil part that you have to shake to combine). Recently I switched back to Bioderma Sensibio after a bad breakout, I heard many people swearing Bioderma micellar water helped calm their skin after breakouts so I gave it a go. I remembered how good this micellar water actually is. I will write more about my breakout below in the paragraph about masks. If your skin is not acting out i recommend Nuxe micellar water, it's great! For those who would rather not splurge on micellar waters, Nivea also has amazing ones! 
My favourite cleanser is still Bioten Cleansing gel-cream, but recently I've also been using Clarins Gentle Foaming Cleanser with Cottonseed. I always cleanse twice, once just using my hands and once with Clarisonic.


Like I mentioned before, my skin throw a bit of a tantrum and broke out like never before and I finally have it under control. Main reason for the breakout was my unfortunate experiment with retinol. The serum I had contained coconut oil and it created chaos on my face. I thought it was purging (you are supposed to purge a bit with retinol), but it turns out it was the concoct oil. Also, I've been taking vitamin B12 and it break me out like crazy. Please be careful with B12, it can seriously mess up your skin. Anyways, my skin cleared up now, after I stopped with both retinol and B12. But, I had to deal with a breakout like I've never had before. My skin is oily, but it's not acne prone so up until now the maximum number of pimples I would have was three at the time. I had to learn how to deal with a huge amount of pimples and here's what I did. The only masks I'm using are clay, exfoliating masks and home made vitamin E mask (I can do a post explaining how to make it, let me know if you are interested). I use clay on Tuesdays and Thursdays, any clay mask I have, like this one form Apivita. On Sundays and Wednesdays I use The Ordinary Peeling Solution. it has 30% AHA and 2% BHA and I love it. You are supposed to leave it on for only 10 minutes and it eats up all the dead skin cells and leaves your skin glowy and smooth. On Friday I use Alpha H Liquid gold. I know this sounds like a lot, but I do have pretty thick oily skin, plus I've had the breakout. This combination cleared my skin like magic, I have no pimples left, just dark spots, but they are also fading away.

Toning and care

The unfortunate event of my breakout made me switch to a solution with salicylic acid and alcohol, instead of my toner. I didn't include it because it's a medical solution from a pharmacy so you can't get it, and also I think no one should use solution with alcohol on daily basis. 😃 I know I just said I do, still only for couple of months to clear my skin out. For moisturizing I use Nuxe Creme Prodigieuse Anti-fatigue moisturizing night cream (my favourite night cream) paired with Anti-fatigue moisturizing eye cream from the same line. This is the combo I use almost all year long, I only switch to Sebamed VISIO Active Hydro Gel during really hot summer months. And finally, under my eye cream I apply The Ordinary Caffeine Solution. It helps my under eye area look brighter, less puffy and like I actually had a decent amount of sleep. 😂 
There it is, my complete night time routine. I will write an updated morning skincare routine very soon. I wish you all the best in the New Year!