How many co-ords does one need? Asking for a friend. 😂 We all know the answer, like anything related to fashion, it's not actually about needing, it's about wanting. And we also all have a hypothetical friend who wants all the co-ords because she thinks there's something special about matching pants and bottoms. Perhaps the illusion of easiness when it comes to dressing. In theory making an outfit with a co-ord is super easy because you have both pieces ready and you only need to add shoes and bags. In reality, it never goes that easy, a co-ord outfit needs styling, same as every other outfit in the world. 

Remember how I wrote about femleisure in this post? Well, this outfit is yet another great example for it. Just here I added a feminine touch to a sporty outfit, while in the other post I did it other way around by adding a sporty jacket to a otherwise feminine outfit. The feminine touch was a beret, like you probably noticed. Also, you may have seen them here and there, they are super popular jet again. I'm not sure how I feel about berets, I think they look so pretty, but I like to wear them on the top of my head so they don't touch my face, nothing worse than a hat rubbing off all of your foundation. And it can also break you out when a hat touches your face constantly. Anyways, wearing them on top of the head rolled up can look funny, like you are five and playing with your Mom's hats. But I guess I can live with that. 
This is the last fashion post in 2017., but let's not get all sentimental, there will be many more lovely posts in 2018. and I'm sure they will be even better then those I wrote this year!

Metisu co-ord
Zaful sweater
Asos beret
Vintage Gucci bag
Reebok Classic sneakers
Ti Sento rings