Just when you think all the trends are already invented, a new one appears and that's the way it goes with fashion. After athleisure a new trend including sportswear is taking over, and no wonder, most of the sporty clothes moved onto runways a long time ago. They say femleisure is the trend that had its peek in 2016., but it's still going strong. Essentially, it's paring sportswear with feminene pieces like skirts and dresses. If you are like me and did it before femleisure was even a thing, this way of dressing is not new to you. Well, probably all the 90s kids had a taste of femleisure growing up, while wearing dresses and sneakers all the time, am I right? 😂 What differs femleisure form athleisure is a touch of ultra feminine pieces. Athleisure is basically wearing work out gear and other sporty pieces in everyday outfits, and femleisure is the same thing with a touch of skirts, dresses and other items you would normally wear as a part of romantic or formal outfits. Some say femleisure is paring very girly items with sporty ones, still I think that's just one way to wear the trend, your pieces don't have to be girly, just feminine.

As with altleisure, sporty pieces don't have to be just sneakers and sweatpants, they can also be inspired by sportswear. There are countless ways to wear this trend, and like with most of the modern trends you can really get creative with it. My favourite way is to pair romantic dresses with light sporty jackets (bombers for example). Not something I did here, but a good idea if you want to dip your toe into this whole femleisure story. Winter also brings out the best in femleisure, because now we have an excuse to wear our thick jackets with skirts. This is the season of puffer jackets (or puff jackets if you prefer the term). I wanted one since last year, went back and forth about which one to get and I ended up with this one. It's very rare for me to have colourful outwear so this is a fashion experiment of some sort, but this jacket is so pretty it makes me happy every time I look at it! Which makes me think getting it was the right call. It's from H&M and you can still get it (in many colours!) and I also found a similar one on Gamiss, you can check it out down below. 

H&M puffer jacket
H&M skirt
GAP turtleneck
Asos boots
Vintage Gucci bag
Asos earrings
Ti Sento rings