Long time no beauty favourites posts. I don't know why I stopped writing them, they are one of my favourite posts to read and write. I swear I'll try to publish them every month like I used to do. Also, I thought about publishing beauty posts on Sunday and Wednesday. Usually, when I post everyday, I do my beauty posts on Sunday only, but I've realized I have so many beauty posts waiting to be published, so I have to start publishing them more often. Now let's get into beauty files for December. Most of them are skin care related, my skin went through a rough patch when I was using a vitamin A serum that also contained coconut oil (not a good idea when you have oily skin 😅), but I managed to get it back on track and it was partly due to excellent skincare.

Among other things I used a lot of clay masks. When you have oily skin, clay masks tend to become your best friend. There are so many kinds and I've used them all, I've probably used all of them solely during last month, I'm not gonna lie. Apivita is one of the brands I feel in love with during 2017., their Chamomile bar soap is to die for, you seriously have to try it! Among other bits I picked from Apivita while I was on Crete this summer was this clay mask. It's their Deep cleansing face mask with green clay. What I love about this mask is that it doesn't dry my face too much, so I can use it in the morning as well. With super drying face masks you usually have to follow with a lot of hydrating products and I don't like to do that in the morning (oily face problems) so this mask is perfect to use in the AM. Speaking about the products I do like to use under my daily moisturizer, my favourite right now is Serumdipity Vitamin C Facial Serum. Not only does the name of the brand sound super cool, the serum is also excellent, skin soaks it up pretty fast and it doesn't break me out, which is a good serum in my book.

 If you are like me and only think about getting to bed early, but you never do, chances are that you'll wake up with dark circles. In order to prevent that I picked up The Ordinary Caffeine solution. I have to say it brightens up my under eye area well, makes it a bit less puffy (not completely puff free, I guess you need sleep for that 😂). If you wear contacts I would recommend only using it at night. Results are the best when you use it both in the AM and PM, but I noticed it creates a film on my contacts, so I stopped using it in the morning. Maybe I used too much product, I tend to do that, but just to be on the safe side I switched to only using it in the evening before bed.

Now onto makeup. It's no secret I love Nuxe Reve de miel lip balm in a jar and after two years of using it I decided to try the one in the chapstick. As far as I can see there's no much difference in  formula, but the chapstick version is more practical. And I got it in a bulk of three from Lookfantastic so I can keep one on my nigh stand, one in the bathroom and one at my desk. Talking about lips, I've always had a soft spot for red lips, especially during the holidays. This year the red I've been wearing is Kat Von D Underage Red. It's quite matte and long lasting and it has a bit of a cool undertone which I love in red lipsticks. What I recently discovered is that sometimes brow gel is not enough to get brows that are on fleek (is on fleek even a thing anymore, I'm not keeping up with cool terms). Sometimes you also need wax and Sephora Universal Brow Freeze does the trick. I don't use it everyday, but when I want my brows to look super pretty it's the one products I turn to (besides my brow gel, of course). 

And finally I have a scent, actually I've had it for a while and I've used it a lot during the last couple of months. It's Byredo's Bal D'Afrique. I love Byredo perfumes and their aesthetic and philosophy and I think with brands like these you will find one perfume that suits your personality perfectly. For me it's this one, it smells so warm and autumy, but in the same time clean and fresh. In the future I'll maybe do a whole post dedicated to this scent only. Hope you enjoyed  my December favourites, hopefully I'm gonna continue writing them monthly like I used to do.