A long time ago I heard that supposedly your hair gets thinner during autumn and winter. This never happened to me and I always thought it was just a myth, but apparently it's a thing. Even if you are like me and didn't notice it, winter and harsh weather are hair's nemesis. Weather doesn't have to be particularly windy or snowy, hats, scarves and constant tucking inside the coat's collar can thin out your hair. Most of the questions I get on daily basis regarding beauty are about my hair, so I'll just give you couple of advices on how to keep your hair healthy during winter.

-Braid it

If you notice that the scarves and coats are tugging your hair a lot, the best option is to wear it in braids. You can also wear a bun or a pony tail, but in the freezing weather you might want to keep a hat on at all times and you can always wear a hat with braids.

-Protect it with a scarf

Scarves don't necessarily need to damage your hair, if you tuck the hair gently inside one, you'll actually be able to protect it from breaking, but also from the elements.

-Cover it with products

Conditioners and masks are always the hairs best friend, so make sure to use them on regular basis. Hair that is not dry will break less.

If the problems you have with hair during the winter are purely mechanical and similar damage, you'll be set with those few tips I mentioned. Still, if you are suffering from the major hair fallout, there are products that can prevent it as well (or at least keep it under control). I've recently tried Vichy Dercos Densi-Solutions trio and it was an interesting experiment. Like I said, my hair is naturally thick, but it made it thicker! And somehow neater, but I ''blame'' it on the conditioner, I don't normally put a conditioner on the roots of my hair, only the ends. So imagine my surprise when I saw the roots of my hair soft and conditioned for the first time in 10 years. 😂 

Anyways, this is a three step system, so you first use Thickening shampoo to wash your hair like you usually would, then apply Thickening balm on the scalp, leave it for exactly one minute and wash it of. The last step is to use Hair mass recreating concentrate, you spray it on the roots and leave it without washing out. I was quite happy with the process, I love Vichy Dercos shampoos anyways and this one didn't disappoint, the conditioner was a revelation, as I already mentioned, and the spray is that one added step that turns hair washing into pampering. I did notice my hair having more volume and being even thicker, like I mentioned on Instagram it made my hats a bit tight. So I would definitely recommend this system for the those of you who are struggling with thin hair. As for me, I think I would buy the conditioner when I run out, it made my roots so shiny and smooth, I just can't get over it!

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