Did you notice how a lot of popular perfumes tend to smell similar? I'm sure I'm not the only one who thinks so, I don't know how many times people told me about perfume twins, aka perfumes that smell like one another. Back when beauty game was much more glamorous, people used to mix perfumes they have to get an unique note. Imagine how strong those scents were, considering that their notes were more intense than perfumes today. I'm not an expert on perfumes and don't mind having a scent ''everybody else has''. If I find a scent that I really like, I'll buy it and use it until I get bored. To be quite honest the getting bored part actually never happened, my perfumes are like children to me, I love them equally. 😂 But, if you like to have different and unique things and are more into cleaner good quality beauty products, niche perfumes are for you. I love them for other reasons, the whole philosophy behind niche perfumes, the fact that each brand (and even each scent) has it's story and aesthetic, that's what I like.

Niche perfumes are an opposite to mainstream perfumes made by fashion houses and sold wildly all over the world. The approach to making a perfume is also different, with niche perfumes often being a small works of art created by the worlds greatest perfumers and experts in the field. On the other hand, designer perfumes are mass produced and can sometime resemble each other, as I mentioned in the beginning of the post. In the past decade popularity of niche perfumes exponentially grew and today a lot more people opts for niche instead designer perfumes. They are indeed made with more quality ingredients, much more thought goes into their making and the finished product looks cleaner and better put together. Contrary to popular believe, there are many niche perfume houses and my favourite are Byredo and Diptyque. As it usually goes I fell in love with one scent from each brand and now I have them both, Bal D'Afrique by Byredo and Diptyque Philosykos. Needless to say they are among my favourite perfumes.

I choose Diptyque Philosykos because I love the smell of fig leaves. In the summer when I pass by a garden with a fig tree I always pick one leave from it (here I apologize to all the people who own those gardens). I even have my own fig tree in my living room (room size, of course) that my and got me for my birthday. If you want to read more about Philosykos go here. I have the EDT version, it's a bit lighter which I like, but now I'm seriously considering buying EDP as well. A while ago after I discovered Philosykos I also fell in love with Byredo Bal D'Afrique. I'm such a sucker for stories so naturally I was smitten by the story behind this scent. And it's not only that, I find it to be the perfect autumny scent, warm and rich, but also fresh in the same time. Since it's a EDP it's super long lasting, it lasts the longest out of all the niche perfumes I've ever tried. If you want me to do a post solely on this scent, I will be happy to.
I definitely recommend you to try some of the niche perfumes if you haven't done it before, you won't be disappointed.
I took these beautiful photos at Metropoliten perfumery.