In a life of every blogger there comes the time to do a what I've learned from blogging post. Not really, but I was thinking about it recently and came up with some great things I realized while blogging that can apply on everyone's life, even if you are not a blogger. Also, it’s Monday so it practically screams fro these type of posts. 😂

Never give up

I'm one of those people that never give up. Example: I was once assembling a dresser and they forgot to drill the holes for screws for drawer handles so I drilled each one by hand using a hammer and a bigger screw (I didn't have a drill at the time). It took me two days (for six screws 😰) and I almost ended up with blisters on my palms, but I did it. The point of the story is that you can do anything if you put an effort into it. I always had this personality type where it's impossible for me to quit once I've started something. I know a lot of people who are the same, but I also know people who give up way too easily. I'm not saying you should keep doing things that are not making you happy or are not right for you, but if you really want something, don't quit when things are not going your way. Trust me, things will get better and if you prevail you'll be wandering why you ever wanted to quit.

Inspiration can struck anytime

This is more relatable to those for work in creative fields, but inspiration is also important for daily life. When you start doing something creative you'll realize inspiration never stops. I had to type ideas for this post in my phone because they came to me when I was in bed ready to go to sleep. Also, allow inspiration to flow freely. Don't block some ideas because they ''sound stupid'' or are ''not good enough''. Write them down, think them trough, add or remove something and you'll find a way to make them work.

Everything is a lesson

Don't beat yourself up if you ''did something wrong'', there's actually nothing you can do wrong. Every ''mistake'' will teach you a lesson that will help you become better. Learn from all of your experiences, analyze situations and find the way not to be in the same position again. 

It takes time to get the results you want

Patience is the name of the game. Things take time to become great. Every artist had a phase of not so good works until they reached a phase where their work became excellent. I know that in this day and time where everything is at out fingertips it might be hard for some to be patient, but just enjoy what you do, work hard and the results will for sure be there in the future. 

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