If there ever was a person who would click on articles like ''How to achieve ballerina style, according to a ballerina'' then it's me (feel free to read the article, it's pretty interesting and not a sponsored link 😂). Not because I'm fascinated with ballerinas, but because I would read literally anything, I believe than you can learn something from anything you read and see, and I really love learning new stuff. The thing I leaned from this article is something we probably already knew, style doesn't only consist of ''regular'' clothes. You know how sometimes people who take dance lessons just throw on a cardigan over their dance clothes when they get ready to go home and it looks so effortlessly great? Or ballerinas when they just add a skirt over a leotard and make and outfit out of it? When I was a kid I used to do rhythmic gymnastic and ballet and I still vividly remember my red and yellow leotard and a chunky yellow sweater I loved to wear over it. Somebody in my family knitted that sweater and once after the Friday night practice I left it in the locker room. Thus, begun one of the most stressful weekends of my life until my Mum managed to retrieve the sweater on Monday. 😃

Yes, this story had a point. 😃 And it is that sometimes with the least effort you get the best looks. Like after yoga, when you don't have the time to change so you just put on any old cardigan over a pair of tights and a tank top. Matching those sporty and casual items eventually created a trend called athleisure and later even femleisure. I'm not saying you should go around dressed in gym clothes if that's not your style, but sometimes those ''sporty'' items make a great item to add to your everyday wardrobe. Ballet top is maybe not belonging to that category, ballet is not a sport after all, but it does have that quality laid back workout clothes offers, just more sophisticated and elegant. This one is in the style I really like, I always go for wrap clothes. Ideally you would style it over one piece outfits like jumpsuits and unitards, but since you can't really wear unitards in real life and it's too cold for jumpsuits, I opted to pair it with pants and it still looked nice. 

Tosave blouse
ERDEM for H&M pants
Skagen watch
Vintage and Ti Sento rings

Photos by Jelena Vukosavljevic, taken at Metropoliten