Remember back when fashion blogging just started and everyone was wearing leather jacket with dresses and it was this new, phenomenal thing? Now when we are pretty used to it it's hardly a novelty and is a common thing to wear, which often happens with new trends. They are odd until we get used to them and when we do they seem ''normal''. The prettiest combination is probably the one with floral boho dresses and leather jackets. Here I'm wearing a different type of an outfit, but I still like it a lot. You've probably seen this dress cut before, it's the dress with an A line skirt and a deep V neck.

I'm not usually a hugest fan of deep necklines, but I do think this one looks elegant and tasteful. I paired it with one of my favourite leather jackets, because we all know it makes a dress look more street style than formal when you put a leather jacket on it. Honestly, I would probably wear any type of outfit with a leather jacket, I just think they look so good and are very wearable. As far as paring white shoes with white dresses goes, I think it can work if the dress and the shoes go well together. I know I say that for paring almost everything, but it is true. 😂

Fashionmia dress
Dolcis shoes
No brand silver hoops
Asos stud earrings
Vintage Gucci bag
Ti Sento and vintage rings