If the word corduroy reminds you of old professors in some archeology inspired movies, we have a lot in common. 😂  Trends come and go and corduroy is always there, belonging to winter pants and retro jackets (the same ones those professors would wear). It did have a beef period when it was very popular during the 70s, maybe it will happen again. Until that how to style it and make it chic?
It's surprisingly easy. You just need and item that's made of corduroy that's not brown or beige. I guess if you really like brown or beige corduroy, then go for it, but most of the time colours of corduroy that look ''fashionable'' are grey and black. Like with this skirt I'm wearing, you can't tell it's a corduroy skirt until you see it up close.

Other thing is the type of garment. Make sure to pick the ones that already have a nice cut. Pair of baggy pants might not look so good in corduroy, but a nicely cut skirt or even a dress creates a completely different vibe. Items you wear with it also make a difference. Here I picked a classic white shirt because I know it makes everything look elegant and that's a good ''rule'' to go by. Wear it with pieces that are already elegant and it will elevate the whole outfit. Finally, when the weather is warmer, you don't want to wear something that's too hot or thick, so the main thing you should look for is corduroy items that are Spring appropriate. Nowadays you can find so many options out there, I was even quite surprised when I found this skirt. 

Zaful skirt
H&M shirt
Zara shoes
Alexander Wang bag
Saint Laurent sunglasses
Skagen watch
Ti Sento and vintage rings
Vintage earrings