The moment I opened these photos on my computer I regretted I took them (almost) ''contre-jour'', I thought it would look pretty and artsy, but instead my face looked weird on most of them because of the way the light was hitting it. I guess in contre-jour situations you have to go all the way and completely blacken the subject, which makes no sense for fashion photography, so my advice would be to not do it at all. 😂 Now I have the photos so I might as well use them the best way I can.

Crop-tops are maybe not my favourite thing in the world, only because I don't like exposed skin in daily outfits, but with the rise of high waisted jeans and skirts (see what I did there :D), I'm certainly wearing them more. Right now while I'm writing this I'm wearing one with high waisted jeans. Although it's a pretty long crop top to be honest. I think the trick to make them look tasteful is to cover your belly button. I know a lot of people like to show it off, but personally I prefer the looks with belly button covered. Basically that's how to style crop-tops. Wear them with high waisted bottoms making sure only the small portion of your waist is exposed. And that's all you need to know about crop-tops. I'm not sure whether I like them the best with skirts or pants, I think they look great both ways.

Benetton shirt
Vintage skirt
Vintage and Asos earrings
Vintage and Ti Sento rings