I didn't do a post with a formal dress for a while and this time I'm wearing this gorgeous navy gown. Maybe I shouldn't call it a gown, I guess they need to be floor length of a bit more elegant to be called gowns, but I feel it's still more elaborate than plain cocktail or party dresses. Navy formal wear is tricky because sometimes it looks black so you can't wear it to weddings and things like that if you want to follow the ''rule'' of not wearing black to weddings (which a lot of people does anyways I guess) and in everyday life you rarely get occasions where long elegant dresses fit in. 

Still I'm happy I have this dress, it looks so gorgeous on. I love Monsoon dresses, they always have great cuts and fit amazingly. And their style is between boho and elegant which is definitely right up my alley. Every time when I wear dresses that are too elegant I feel like they miss a little something and that dose of a an ''etno'' vibe usually does it. I wouldn't say the design of this dress accurately represents that, but if you've seen some other of their designs you'll know what I mean. 

Monsoon dress
Asos shoes
Ray Ban sunglasses
Vintage and Ti Sento rings