These days there are so many beauty brands out there and even more different products so you can barely know them all, let alone test them all out. Even if you are really into beauty and work in this industry, you shouldn't try too many products at once. You can have too much of a good thing, especially when it comes to skincare. Piling up product after product doesn't always give you the best results. I have to admit it is tempting to try new beauty bits all the time, still your skin needs a routine that lasts to get the best out of it. But how to tailor that perfect routine you'll use daily? Here are some tips on picking out the best beauty products I've learned through the years.

1. Buy only the things you really need

I know, this sounds like a such an obvious tip, but how many times have you found yourself in a drugstore or Sephora wanting to buy and try out everything? You go in for cotton pads and end up with a new scrub, cleanser, moisturizer and a clay mask. To avoid this only buy the products you need and don't buy the replacements until you use your old products up.

2. Research everything

Although I still buy products in the spur of the moment sometimes, I definitely try to research everything in advance. Back when I was just getting into beauty and skincare I would spend days researching products and that's how I found some of my holy grail products I still use today. Make sure to read reviews from people who have similar skin type of skin tone and look for makeup swatches online.

3. Ignore ads

You saw an add for a black mask and few seconds later you are on their website clicking ''add to cart''. We've all been there, shopping in the spur of the moment is the worst way to shop for beauty products, you get carried away and end up with things you'll never use.

4. Read the ingredients

When I first started reading the ingredients lists I only knew the names for the couple of ingredients and now I even know which ones will cause bad reactions on my skin and which ones are good to go. For example, foundations with silicones tend to clog my pores so I try to avoid them. Make sure to always read the ingredients list carefully and don't feel sorry when you don't buy the product because of that one ''bad'' ingredient, you'll find equally good stuff with better ingredients soon, that's the one good thing about having so many brands available.