Who ever said retro is the new modern was right, vintagy and retro styles are taking over right now. Honestly when I first heard this quote I wasn't sure vintage will pick up so fast , especialy while some other styles like sportswear craze were emerging. I love vintage pieces and retro clothing and wear them all the time no matter what the ''trends'' are. Actually, when you think at it, some form of retro inspired clothes is always present. In early 2000s fashion was chaneling a lot of prints and colour staples from the 60s, the famous 90s button down dress is a modified form of a dress form the 50s and 70s trends had their peak during the last couple of years. Right now 80s and 90s styles make the majority of retro inspired clothes and I love it. 

Here I'm not wearing one of those 90s inspired outfits, only the blouse that belongs to that time frame. Knitted blouses were huge back them and looked great paired with long skirts and mom jeans. This one is made from a nice thick thread so it really feels like you are wearing a proper vintage blouse. Also, this sleeve length is characteristic for that period and I have to say one of my favourite sleeve lengths. I paired the blouse with my old trusty wide leg pants, they have a long skirt vibe to them, mostly because you can't tell whether I'm wearing a skirt or pants at times. And of course, I'm wearing another 90s staple, Keds sneakers. I feel like they go well with anything, but they do look the best with skirts and dresses.

Snatch blouse
Asos pants
Keds sneakers
Furla bag
Ray Ban sunglasses
Accessorize head band
Skagen watch
Vintage and Ti Sento rings
Vintage and SimbyShop earrings