Summer beauty bits are always great, everything smells like coconut, vanilla and sun. That's why I want to pack everything most of the time which makes my suitcases too heavy frequently. 😅  Coconut scent is one of my favourite scents (real and fake) and I've probably tried too much coconut scented beauty products in my life. The one I've been loving since last summer is Coconut Passion Fragrance Mist from Victoria's Secret. You probably know they have great body mists (that's basically what fragrance mists are) and I swear this one smells the best of them all. Again, I might not be objective on this one, I did say I love all coconut scents. Somehow the coconut in this one is not the regular coconuty coconut (if this makes any sense at all) it smells like sophisticated coconut. It stays on the skin super long, but if you spray it directly after applying body lotion (before skin absorbs it) it will stay even longer. I fell like the lotion locks the scent in somehow, maybe it's just my theory.

Although for years I've been avoiding using acids during summer holidays, this year I gave in and took my Pixi Glow Tonic that I just recently started testing out. It has 5% of glycolic acid and is seriously good. When I first got it I did try to use it on both evenings and mornings, but I didn't like how it felt on the skin during the day. Maybe it was because I was a bit concerned that I was wearing it while in the Sun, maybe it really did feel weird on the skin, no matter what I switched to only using it at night and I love it. It makes my skin super glowy and clear, not as clear as salicylic acid, but my skin reacts amazing to salicylic acid so it's not fair to compare. Glycolic acid makes it look more radiant and healthy, though.

As it goes with acids, you just have to protect your skin from the sun while using them. Actually, you should always protect your skin from the sun. I normally use Bioderma sunscreens on my face, they didn't pay me to say this or anything, I just love using their sunscreen. Normally I go for Photoderm AKN Mat SPF 30, but this year they gave me Photoderm MAX Aquafluide SPF 50+ and to my surprise it became the first face SPF cream that didn't cause breakouts on my face. Even AKN Mat caused them, but it was only couple  of pimples here and there so it didn't really make me want to stop using it, until I discovered MAX Aquafluide.

And finally, the body lotion I've been using since 2016. Funny story, I got a sample of this Biobaza Tan Maximizer in a magazine and bought it immediately after that and every summer since. To me it smells like summer. You have to smell it to know the scent. It has 98% ingredients of natural origin, including shea butter, cacao powder, green tea extract, jojoba and sunflower oil. It isn't greasy on the skin at all and it hydrates amazingly. I'm not sure if it indeed maximizes your tan, but I would take it without that feature anyways.