Honestly, I've only recently started seriously editing my photos with apps, before I only used a bit of VSCO and way back when that was a thing Instagram filters. 😂 Editing is much more fun nowadays when there's a lot of apps with all these features and there's also a thing where retro inspired editing came through and became popular. Not to mention grainy photos are all over the place, something that used to be frown upon in the past. In reality I still don't edit my photos that much, there are a couple of the apps I love and I've discovered the majority of them pretty recently. I took all the photos in this post with my phone, and I'll only talk about phone apps here, because I feel like most people do take and edit their photos with phones. 

1. Lightroom CC

I've never knew how much you can edit the light and colour in one photo until I discovered Lightroom. If you want to get that polished vibrant look in your photos this app is a way to go. It's super easy to use, even if you've never used Lightroom or Photoshop before.


If you have an Instagram account you've probably heard of VSCO before. I love this app, it has so many amazing filters to chose from and the option to make your photos grainy that I mentioned before. When you want to create a feed with a colour theme, just pick one VSCO filter and use it for all of your photos.

3. Unfold

This app is the latest craze among retro photography lovers, chances are you've seen those photos in black frames and if you look closely you can see Unflod written in the frame. Unless the frame came from some other app. Unfold is great if you want more photos in one, or different frames and templates for the pictures. All the frames I used here are from FF1 group in Unfold.

4. Huji

Following the same retro vibe, we have photos with dates printed on them along with the effect of 90s photos taken on analog cameras. Although I didn't like time stamps on the photos back when digital cameras came out, I think it's fun to play around with your retro effects and time stamp a photo now and then.


Now this one is for Instagram only and basically what it does is help you plan your feed. I don't go crazy with planing my feed, but it's nice to see how the photo you are about to publish matches the rest of your photos. I used Planoly in the past, but I like UNUM more, one of the reasons is that there's no limit to how many photos you can add to the app.