Among all the styles that are popular right now, these two from the title are among my favourites. Over the last couple of years retro inspired outfits came back into the mainstream fashion and are everywhere. The same thing happened to boho chic in the early 2010s and is still on as well. While you can wear retro styles all year long, boho chic is more appropriate for summer and spring outfits. People often confuse the two, even I can't sometimes tell whether a piece is more retro or boho. This blouse for example, it is boho, but in a retro way. I know this may all be confusing, but fashion is often a mix of many things. Especially these days.

What is now known as boho chic was once referred to as bohemian style. Many groups through out the history may be described bohemians, what they all have in common is the free spirit and creativity, which can easily be seen in the way they dressed. Bohemian style includes loose, unconventional items, floral patterns, items inspired by other cultures and folk attire. There was never one type of bohemian style, it differs from era to era, but what they all have in common is stepping outside from the mainstream fashion and styles and favouring the unconventional cuts and items. Boho chic came back in its full swing in the beginning of 2000s and stayed there even becoming one of the most worn styles of early 2010s. You can still see traces of it in the styles today, but most of the time mixed with other trends and styles.

''Retro is the new modern'' might be the quote that describes today's fashion scene the best. Honestly, back when I first hear this I wasn't really sure it will happen. It was at the time when retro styles weren't mainstream and only a few people wore them, sometimes even as a protest against current trends and fashion. Now we have expansion of retro styles, inspired mainly by 90s and 80s, and honestly I couldn't be happier. Retro fashion is fashion inspired by the looks of previous eras. Terms retro and vintage often get confused, but in order for a piece to be retro, it has to actually be from the certain era. Some people even consider items from the 70s and later to be vintage and insist that all the newer items (from the 80s and 90s) should be called retro. Personally, I will say that the item is vintage if it is from the certain era, for example a 90s bag is a vintage bag. But, if the item is inspired by 90s fashion, it is retro, not vintage. So there you have it. Enjoy any style you like, especially mixing and matching them, because fashion should always be fun after all.

Moon River blouse
Ti Sento bracelet
Hair clip I've had for ages 😂