Transferring from summer to autumn style doesn't really include jewelry, most of the time you can wear the same pieces you wore all summer long. I'm into earrings the most right now, especially statement earrings! 80s accessories are just the best and all the jewelry that's been popular recently is in some way inspired by 80s jewelry. Statement earrings are maybe the best example. Here's my list for the earrings you should try out during the late summer and autumn.

!) Simple silver hoops

If there's one pair of earrings you can wear literally every day it's this one. You probably already have a pair in your collection. I love hoop earrings, I practically have to force myself to switch to other models when I fall into my everyday silver hoops earrings phase. 😂 Seriously, when I'm in it I even can't help but wear them for special occasions as well.

2) Geometrical silver earrings

When the majority of your everyday jewelry is silver, and you want your earrings to match, try silver geometrical earrings. They are more fun than simple hoop earrings (which I think are super fun already, read the paragraph above 😂) and go well with so many outfits and styles.

3) Interesting golden earrings

Although I do love gold hoops, I think they don't look that good on me. Maybe I'm only imagining this, still I do prefer silver hoops and jewelry in general. When I feel like I need golden earrings (because of the hardware on my bag, belt and shoes, or something like that) I turn to the earrings that have a special design, that way I like them more and also enjoy wearing them more.

4) Retro inspired earrings

As you can see from the majority of the earrings in the photos, I've developed a certain addiction to retro earrings. It's not just that they are in style right now, I love retro fashion and jewelry in general. Lately I've been wearing this type of earrings the most and they do elevate every outfit. OK, they maybe don't elevate it that much if the outfit itself is super casual, but they do make it look retro (which I love and is also a ''trend'' right now).

Earrings in this post:

White and blue ones: Deepa Gurnani
Gold ones: Steve Madden
Red retro ones: Zaful
Square retro ones: Zaful
Silver hoops: Asos
Beige retro ones: Etsy
Black ans white marble: Asos
Triangles: thrift store