Now, I know this dress looks more like black, but it's navy. Dark colours always come with the prettiest floral patterns. When I first saw this fabric, the pattern was a main thing I noticed. Even now, couple of months late,r I get happy every time I see it. Its cut is also great, kind of like those simple buttoned down short sleeves dresses, only without buttons. Normally I love this dress length, although it's not the length everybody likes to wear. Black fabric with white florals is equally beautiful, it makes great jumpsuits, skirts and dresses. 

Type of dresses I mentioned always go well with simple black sneakers, but I think these sneakers are perfect for so many summer outfits. When your dress is all flowers, keep other items neutral. That's why most people wear them with straw bags, they are a great neutral accessory. Mine is not a structured straw bag so it's perfect for  traveling, it can fit in the suitcase pretty well and doesn't take a lot of space at all. The rest of accessories is what I've been wearing all summer long, it was either these stacked necklaces or some earrings with these exact bracelets and rings.

H&M dress
Hat Attack bag
Keds sneakers
Ray Ban sunglasses
Vintage and Ti Sento rings
Vintage bracelets
Vintage and Tiffany necklaces