Back when I transformed my blog from mostly beauty related posts to fashion and outfits my main goal was to inspire everyone who read my posts to create outfits similar to those, or to inspire you in general with some helpful tips and my thoughts on many trends and styles (among other things). Right now I'm thinking more in terms of stepping up my content and offering more value and sustenance. I still want things to stay fashion and beauty related, but I want to include more things like art, which I used to do in the past. Anyways, I'm always so touched when someone who reads my blog gives me a compliment and tells me about useful things they found here and that's why I want to step up the content a bit, but still stay true to myself and write about the things I want to write about. 

I know so many people are talking about better quality content, truth to be told they are right about questioning it. Online platforms are constantly changing (which is a great thing!) and I feel like we are all searching for more meaning and inspiration. So that's basically what I've decided to do, to create more content I like and make my posts more engaging and interesting. Also, I thought to try a new thing where I would just follow every post idea I have. Don't get me wrong, in the past I never censured my ideas or anything like that, but every time when I thought I should write about something that's not fashion and beauty related I would stop myself because I thought no one would be interested in reading it. There were some exceptions of course, but only I few. So I'm not doing that anymore, I'll just keep it as creative as it gets in my head so we'll see where it will all go. 😂