Here's one ''trend'' I thought I'll never wear, this kind of fluffy sweaters. I always thought they look too casual, but I guess it depends on the sweater. This one looks great and is not one of those fluffy sweaters that look too thick or funny once you've put them on. And the colour helps, white is always a classic (trust me I own my fair share of white clothes, especially tops and blouses). Let's also appreciate the fact that these are the most wearable sweaters ever, they go well with anything. Soon I'll do a post where I'll pair it with super elegant pants. I love that kind of dressing where you are wearing one super casual and one elegant item. This is the third sweater from H&M that I've been wearing literally non-stop and it's from their Everyday concept.

Now let's talk pleated skirts! Seriously, if you don't have one you are missing out a lot. Pleated skirts are my old love, I have them in many colours and lengths, but what I like about this one is how thick the material is (which makes it perfect for autumn and winter): Thicker skirts usually fall nicer and look better both in real life and photos. Plated skirts are huge right now and you can see them styled in all different ways. They do look the best with sweaters for autumn and winter, just add a pair of kitten heels, sneakers or combat boots and you are good to go. H&M has great plated skirts (I loved the asymmetrical one last year) and this one is from their Trend concept.

H&M sweater
H&M skirt
Asos shoes
Furla bag
AJ Morgan sunglasses
Vintage and Ti Sento rings