Most of the time photos we see all over the place look pretty similar and are not as creative as they can be. Nothing wrong about that, sometimes we all want to take a simple photo and not think much about it, but if you want to take unique beautiful photos here are some tips and tricks you might find useful.

1. Go through photography books and blogs

The best place to start is photography books featuring the works of art photographers or blogs with the same subject. You don't necessary have to copy the exact same frames and scenes, but you will get some ideas and inspiration for sure.

2. Discover your own style

Try experimenting with different lighting and setups until you find what works the best for you. These photos here were taken by Ana, so they reflect here photography style more than mine, but you get the point. I know exactly how I love my photos to look and always try to take the ones that show my own photography style. 

3. Have a creative friend help you

If you feel like you might need help in creating better photos, take some shoots with a friend who has a similar aesthetic and at least some photography skills. I love taking photos with Ana because she always inspires me and it is always fun to take photos with a friend because you are pretty much hanging out plus taking photos.

Photos by Ana