They say this is the most magical time of the year, and if you ask me any time when you can wear sparkly makeup everyday is indeed magical. 😂 But it's not all about the sparkle. When you are facing snow, cold, running around and all the other things that follow this holiday period, your makeup also needs to stay put and look beautiful all day long. So it's only natural you start with your base, aka foundation. Normally I wear powder foundation everyday (Lily Lolo Mineral foundation is my favourite!) and I do still love that, but on some days when I absolutely need my skin to look flawless I use something ''stronger''. I switched back to Max Factor Facefinity compact  foundation powder, which is one of the first ''real'' foundations I used back in high school. It's just more matte than mineral foundation and I love that on some days. I'm still a huge fan of dewy, natural skin as well. When you up your foundation game it's only natural you up your concealer game as well. Right now I'm using the NAKED skin concealer, my shade is a bit too light but I blend it out somehow.

Next stop: highlighters. It looks like the theme of this post is going back in time, so I'm using something I loved five or six years ago, creamy highlighters. They somehow look more natural, and I think there's no better highlighter than MAC Cream colour base. Recently I started using Catrice Glowdoscope highlighter palette. I love that it has many different shades of highlighter inside, perfect for different skin tones and experimenting if you don't feel like wearing same shade everyday. 
Sparkly eyelids are also on the menu and shinny eye shadows are the best when they come in liquid form. As I mentioned, you need something super long lasting as well. Sigma Shimmer & Glow Liquid eye shadows are great, my favourite shade is Grace. I could literally wear it everyday. The last thing you need is a perfect red lip. Weather you wear read lips all year long, or only do it inspired by the holidays, I highly recommend Sephora cream lip stains! They are just the best. And come in so many different shades and many variations of red. If you are more into ''standard'' non creamy lipsticks, Kat Von D Underage red is a beautiful red shade. Honorable mention goes to Sephora Winter queen palette. This palette is from their last year's holiday collection and I've been using it for a whole year, to be quite honest. I probably like the blush and the highlighter the most, I made quite the dent in them (as one normally does when using a product all year around).