Second New Year's lookbook is here. Who remembers the mint green craze happening in circa 2012.? You could find literally anything in this colour, from hair accessories to bags and shoes. I don't know what happened, but it somehow disappeared from the fashion scene super fast. But the colour wasn't the only reason I liked this dress, it was the cut that caught my attention. I love how it has a silhouette that reminds me of ancient Greek and Roman dresses, but also looks a bit like the 1930s dress. This type of cuts are my cup of tea, I have many dresses in similar styles.

Normally I don't go for floor length gowns, I'm just not a fan of my dress being dragged on the floor (is this crazy, probably a lot of people thinks alike) so I'm stepping out of my comfort zone a bit with this one. I did wear a floor length gown for my New Year's lookbook few years ago, still it wasn't this long. Usually I do one sparkly and one plain dress for my New Year's lookbooks and this is the plain one for this year I guess. To make things more festive I added red lips and earrings. I just think these retro looking earrings go well with the cut of the dress. If my hair is longer I would probably do a more elaborate hairstyle, for this length hair down will do just fine.

TFNC dress
Zaful earrings
Ti Sento and vintage rings
Ti Sento bracelet