Not hard to guess I love reminiscing about past blog phases. Or should I say about past looks and outfits. You know how somehow you run into your old photos and the only thing you want is that hair colour or hairstyle you had in them? Or in my case you see some outfits and they make you want to wear them again. 😂 Well, you can't turn back time (as far as we know), but I have a useful tip for you. Always enjoy a hair colour, style or fashion phase you are in now. That's way you'll be happy in the moment and won't regret getting a new on later on. I think that's enough of my usual rambly introduction, now let's get into the looks I love from last year! I didn't really sum up all of the looks that were close to my heart, I didn't want this post to be super long, so here's a few. 😍

First one is a wintry look (I'm going chronologically) featuring my super long hair and bangs. What I love about this look is that it's both elegant and casual.
Next up is my favourite high waisted shorts of all times. I mean, just look at the wash of this denim. As far as the trends for last year go, how can we forget the checked blazer. Honestly, I wish it a long future, this is a trend I really like.
Moving on to summer looks, I loved the look with the same shorts I mentioned above, not gonna lie it was probably the only pair of shorts I wore this summer. 😂
Speaking about trends, how happy are we all that polka dots ''came back''? Well, at least I'm happy. Can't wait for the weather to get a bit warmer so I can wear this one again. Dresses were kind of a theme on the blog last year, so we have a beautiful asymmetrical red dress among the favourites as well.
Fast forward to autumn and my weirdly light hair and fluffy sweater look. Last one is my favourite New Year's lookbook for this year. And that's it, now I can go back to the regular publishing schedule.