I don't know if you've seen that meme of a fabric softener comercial with a fluffy teddy bear saying that it's how New York looked this winter. OK, I'm lousy at explaining memes, but I think you get the point. Everyone was wearing a tedy coat last and this winter, and for the first winter ever I also got one. And now I see why people love them so much, they are super warm! I've worn mine so much that my sister started quoting the above mentioned meme, you bet she found out about it from me, I loved that meme and had to tell her. Great thing about teddy coats is that they are pretty easy to style. I know that this sounds like a fashion clitche, but they do go well with everything and can fit into all kinds of outfits, casual, vintagy or retro, elegant, girly, you name it.

As the history of teddy coats goes, I couldn't find much when I googled it, but what I do know is that I had a little jacket made with the exact same material when I was a kid. In fact, I still do have that jacket, I even did the post with it back in the day. Yes, I still wear the same size I wore as I kid, although I did became taller the rest didn't change much. Anyways, I was sure that my sister and I got the jacket as a hand-me-down from our cousins, but my mom told me it was actually worn by her and my aunt when they were younger. She even aded how she had a teddy coat super similar to the one I'm wearing here when she was about six, which was in the 60s. So I guess if it was a part of the ''kids fashion'' back in the day, it had to be inspired by the adult fashion? The best I can give you about teddy coat history are these informations so maybe you can get something out of it. 😂 I'm also not sure how they were created, but I guess because we have so many faux fur left over coats from previous decades, maybe teddy coats were supposed to be faux shearling or something like that? One thing is for sure, they are super warm and comfy, very easy to style and, risking to sound like your grandma, super easy to wash! Mine was clean and white as new after its first wash. 😍

Brave soul coat
Vintage jeans
Calliope turtleneck
Asos beret
Zara boots
Mona bag
Vintage and Ti Sento rings
Vintage earrings