Transforming your skin, that's what the skincare game is all about, that and promising it will transform your skin. 😂 Now, seriously, there are products that promise a lot and do nothing, but there are a lot of products that are amazing and will make your skin look like airbrushed. Well, almost like it was airbrushed, in reality no one has skin that perfect. My curiosity always drives me to try all sorts of stuff, especially if I see they were pined thousands of times on Pinterest. 😄 One of the products I'm mentioning today is from that group, I saw it first in someones pin, tried it, and was super happy to discover beauty pins are actually helpful. I've mentioned ''only'' five things here because no one likes long boring posts, but I promise you, they are all well worth mentioning.

Black soap

If you never tried black soap before, you are in for a treat. I first tired it six or seven years ago and was amazed by this product. Black African soap is a traditional kind of soap, produced from the ash of locally harvested African plants. The soap I originally tried was from Coastal Scents (believe it or not) and was the original kind, produced in Africa by local women and I loved it. This time I ordered the one from a brand called Out of Africa and I guess it is OK, but it's more like a regular soap than an original black soap. If you can find a real kind, get that one. Black soap is perfect for oily and acne prone skin, it will clear it up, without drying it out.

Witch hazel toner

This is the one I found on Pinterest. At the time I did have my toners routine set (yes, toners, since I started using an AHA toner I only use it at night and a different one in the morning), but it did mention making your skin less oily and who doesn't need that? Also, it was back when I stopped using a mattifying moisturizer (just for a while though). Honestly, I don't like switching my toners that often and I did feel like it wasn't a good idea at first. Then I researched witch hazel a bit and decided to give it a go. Everybody is talking about Thayers witch hazel toner, so I naturally I wanted than one, but it was sold out so I got Dickinson's toner. Apparently it got InStyle's best beauty buys award for three years in a row (2014, 2015 and 2016). On iHerb they only had Dicinson's hydrating toner, that's the toner I'm using right now, but next time I'll try to find the pore refining version. I can only say I love this stuff. It makes my skin look so fresh and beautiful, if you have oily skin and feel like nothing is going to make it less shiny, this toner will!

Sheet masks

Nothing new here, by now we all know how great sheet masks are. I use them as often as possible, because I do see a difference when I don't. They are the best way to refresh your skin and give it that beautiful, healthy glow. I prefer to use them at night, some people like to use them just before important events, prior to applying makeup. Whatever works for you is great, just make sure to find a mask that suits your skin. This one in the photos is Alverde Aqua Hydro Tuchmaske, it was fine, but I'm not sure I will buy it again.

Great day and night creams

Last two products are moisturizers, which is super obvious, still we all know how important moisturizing is. After years of trying different skincare regimes I can tell you this, moisturizing does work wonders. Everytime when you see someone who has great plump skin at any age, it must mean they got their moisturizing regime right. Either that, or they use some sort of skincare magic. I know there's been some debate in the past on whether you should use different creams for day and night, I think by now we have all realized that you do really need two products. Night cream should be richer and more potent, while you need something light that goes well under makeup (if you wear makeup) for day time. For the longest time I've been a fan of Nuxe Creme Prodigieuse Anti-fatigue moisturizing night cream. Long name, I know. So far it's been the only richer night cream that didn't break me out. Good enough for me to leave it in everyday rotation. In the morning I use Bioderma Hydrabio Gel-Creme. I got this one in a gift bag at Bioderma's event and didn't expect to love it this much. If it had SPF it would be a perfect day moisturizer.